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to Gratitude House Massage, where you can be seen and celebrated for the perfect place you are in, right now.

Whether you need a relaxing, restorative massage, or you are experiencing acute or chronic pain that has yet been adequately addressed, I can help. Trained by and working with some of the best pain specialists in Chicago at Delos Therapy, I have been fortunate to have invested over 5000 hours of effective, healing bodywork with clients from all over the world who were seeking pain relief and performance enhancement. I am thrilled to be able to share this gift of experience and to grow with you here on the Oregon Coast!

Choose what kind of bodywork best suits your needs below, and we will begin to collaborate in your health and healing.

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massage that soothes and celebrates the body's inherent ability to heal

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therapy for acute or chronic injuries

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support for the changes your body experiences during pregnancy

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purchase here and we will send you a PDF to share with your friend or loved one. They can book online, anytime.


"I started feeling better after my very first appointment with Lia and I cannot possibly say enough positive things about her skills, compassion, knowledge, and eagerness to get to the root of my injury and help fix it. I am extremely grateful to her for her talent and the genuine care that she shows toward her clients.  ...
Lia is skilled, focused, supportive, caring, and simply exceptional."


 "I went for help with my tight neck, shoulders, and lower back. Not only have I felt immense relief after only six sessions, but I'm noticing a huge difference in my posture, my mood, and my workouts. I feel like I have my body back, I'm waking up without headaches, and, for the first time, I'm not constantly needing to snap, crack, and adjust my back every ten minutes. Lia is basically a Jedi. She is intuitive, compassionate, professional, and generous with her time, attention, and energy. If you're even thinking about it- do it."


 "... tremendously helpful in managing some of the nagging pains from pregnancy.  There are very few medications that pregnant women can take and this helped with the growing stresses to my hip, glut, and lower back."



"Lia is a rockstar. Extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and tailors her work to the individual's specific needs/goals. I highly recommend her work!"


"I had been suffering from plantar fasciitis for close to a year. Tried a couple routes - taking it easy from certain workouts, seeing a pediatrist. Nothing worked. One package of sessions with Lia, and now I'm foot pain free!"


One word describes Lia: AMAZING!

I've had lower back problems for over 10 years and seeing Lia has helped tremendously. 





For more information about Gratitude House Massage, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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